Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS

Rlc. Williette Wong 'The Best' AM/AOS
Item# z4

Product Description

We agree with the clone name of this orchid! It is possibly THE BEST large-flowered yellow with red lip cattleya available today. These huge, spectacular blooms amaze use each summer with their commading presence and lasting power. While we don't sell large-flowered cattleyas such as this, we have incorporated this superior clone into our compact and minature breeding program, so watch for some special offspring from it to be available in the future!

We hope to have two hybrids available by next year: X Bl. Richard Mueller and X Slc. Jungle Beau. We hope the superior qualities of Blc. Williette Wong will make these a cut above similar crosses.

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