Brassocattleya Mari’s Glory ‘Avery’ (3.5” pot near blooming size)

Brassocattleya Mari’s Glory ‘Avery’ (3.5” pot near blooming size)
Item# sc043

Product Description

You will find this particularly beautiful clone of Brassocattleya Mari’s Glory available on many online sources, but most are offering tiny plants in 2 inch pots. We decided to grow them up for 2 years before offering them for sale and have larger plants that can flower for the first time within a year with good care. The plants produce rather narrow upright to arching foliage that does not get in the way of the stunning flowers up to five inches across. Sepals are lavender while the petals and lip are heavily overlaid with rich purple. A reverse flare with radiating lines enhances the petals while the lip bears a yellow throat and more purple lines. Given the parents of this cross (C. Mari’s Song and Bc. Morning Glory) flowers should come twice per year on mature plants in clusters of 3 or more making a lovely show.

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