Rhyncolaeliocattleya Paradise Ruby ‘Red’ (2.5” pot young plant)

Rhyncolaeliocattleya Paradise Ruby ‘Red’ (2.5” pot young plant)
Item# sc042

Product Description

Red Cattleyas are always in demand and this one is a beauty. A cross between the compact Cattleya Wendy’s Valentine and the standard sized RhyncolaeliocattleyaHisako Akatsuka gives us a plant that is a “compact standard” that tops out around or just over 12 inches tall when fully grown. The four-inch flowers usually come in twos and occasionally threes in winter and possibly again in summer when mature. They are glowing red with a deeper lip and yellow throat and are a nice full shaped. They are still young mericlones about 6 inches tall and may take up to 2 years to reach blooming size but will give you the satisfaction of growing them up under your care.

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