Brassocattleya Golden Glory ‘Apollo’ (2.5” pot near blooming size)

Brassocattleya Golden Glory ‘Apollo’ (2.5” pot  near blooming size)
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Brassocattleya Golden Glory ‘Apollo’ (2.5” pot  near blooming size)
New! Note: Photos are of plants of this cross we flowered in 2004, not of the specific ‘Apollo’ form. Since the variation between seedlings of this cross of Bc.Richard Mueller xCattleya tenebrosa was minor, we are confident the flowers of this newly available clone will be quite similar, but possibly a deeper shade of golden orange. Because we have enjoyed this hybrid immensely, we were happy to see these come on the market and didn’t want to wait for them to obtain blooming size before offering them to our customers. Plants will flower young with one or two blooms, but will produce as many as six flowers, each close to four inches in diameter when mature size at about 12 to 15 inches in height. They easily bloom twice per year, opening a deep reddish amber color and then maturing to bright golden yellow with a satiny sheen, accented by some spots and a few purple lines on the trumpet shaped lip. First flowering should occur in 18 to 24 months with good care. Like all hybrids that feature Brassavola nodosa in their family tree, this orchid appreciates good light and excellent drainage. As plants grow out of their current pots, we recommend using larger media and if you grow in a controlled environment or summer your plants outdoors in heat and humidity, then a basket is a great choice. Note: Do not immediately repot your plant upon receipt. Step up only once new growth is hanging over the edge of the pot and beginning to produce new roots. Don’t overpot or you will likely delay flowering of your plant as they will bloom best when their root system is somewhat cramped.

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