Sarracenia Starter Assortment (3 selected potted hybrids near mature age)

Sarracenia Starter Assortment (3 selected potted hybrids near mature age)
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Product Description

Sarracenia Starter Assortment (3 selected potted hybrids near mature age)
Our hardy North American Pitcher Plant holding beds include many wonderful seedlings and divisions in quantities too small to list separately, so we are offering and hand selected assortment of 3 plants, selected for variety of color and form, as an economical way to introduce you to these wonderful and easy to care for plants. This offer is for plants that are blooming size in 4 to 6 inch pots, ready to be transferred into large containers or a bog garden. We guarantee three different looks in terms of leaf coloration and growth habit, giving you a great starter collection. All plants will be labeled and shipped potted with as many pitchers intact as possible, though some trimming may be required for especially full plants. This size plant sells for $20-$25 individually at our Farmer's Market venues.Growing instructions included.

A note about shipping and what to expect at various times of the year:

We ship our plants in pots year round. Many growers ship plants bare root which will take time to re-establish once received. Our plants can be slipped into larger containers or a bog garden at any time and not miss a beat. If you order between November and March, the plants will be dormant and may be partially clipped back. Any pitchers that are still intact will be retained in shipping. Plants continue to grow roots during winter so this is a fine time to step them up or plant out. Plants shipped during April and May will be in their rapid growth stage with tender, developing pitchers. We will pack them as best as possible but some small damage to new pitchers can occur. Of course they are just leaves, so additional ones will grow once received. Plants shipped June through October will have mostly fully developed pitchers which are touch enough to survive transit with little harm

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