Cymbidium Elsie Blackmore ‘Paradise’ (2.5” pot young plant)

Cymbidium Elsie Blackmore ‘Paradise’ (2.5” pot young plant)
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Product Description

New! Warmth tolerant very compact grower! This orchid was imported by us from Thailand as young plants in flask in the spring of 2022. We have been amazed at how quickly they have grown with many already making multiple growths in 2.5” pots! Developed by Pakkret Floriculture in Bangkok, this orchid has proven itself to grow and flower in hot climates. This is a primary hybrid between Cym. madidum from Australia and the near miniature Cym. cyperifolium widespread in southeast Asia. The upright spikes of slightly fragrant flowers will occur mainly in spring and summer, but can occur almost any time of the year. They will open cream colored and mature to clear yellow with a contrasting white and purple lip. Mature plants will be capable of producing many spikes during the flowering season. Like most Cymbidiums, this orchid prefers bright somewhat filtered light. It will do well under LED lights as an alternative or supplement source as well. Plants should not remain dry for any extended period and like to stay moist while in active growth. Use tall pots but limit the “shoulder” room to a year’s growth to promote best flowering. An open, well-draining mix will allow you to sit the pot in a small amount of water while in active growth to cut down on the need for frequent water, otherwise use a slightly smaller mix and expect to water twice per week or more in summer. As fast growers, these plants are likely about 2 years or less away from first flowering.

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