Cattleya Normalita (Small World x Beaufort) (4 pot blooming size)

Cattleya Normalita (Small World x Beaufort)  (4 pot blooming size)
Item# mc082

Product Description

A new Mini-Cattleya Cross just registered August 9, 2023! This lovely new cross combines three mini or near mini species from Brazil: Cattleya luteola which is a one half of each of the parents, Cattleya aclandiae, and Cattleya coccinea. The growth habit is short, mostly under 6 inches, and the flowers are mainly yellow with red lips. These are seedlings, not clones, so there will be some variation in the shade and tint of the colors, but the outcome has been fairly consistent and similar to our photos. The plants have thick roots and are potted in our largest size bark to accommodate their need for aeration. They will flower about twice per year with blooms up to 3 in diameter, with up to 3 or 4 per stem on fully mature plants. Like all cattleya types, bright indirect light and perfect drainage are recommended, along with larger media or a basket as plants grow older.

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