Rhyncolaeliocattleya California Queen x Cattleya cernua (2.5 pot near blooming size)

Rhyncolaeliocattleya California Queen x <i>Cattleya cernua</i> (2.5 pot near blooming size)
Item# mc080

Product Description

A new Mini-Cattleya Cross! This cross combines a very compact red hybrid with one of the smallest of all Cattleya species, C. cernua which makes clusters of orange flowers on plants that are normally no more than 2 inches tall. We expect these seedlings to stay quite small with clusters of orange to red flowers up to twice per year on adult plants. In our experience of breeding with similar combinations, a few solid yellows or yellows with red lips may also result. Well grown mature plants could have clusters 5 to 7 well shaped 2-inch flowers up to twice per year. Having sung the virtues of this orchid, we would also like to state that in our experience such tiny miniatures based on C. cernua require a higher degree of attention than their larger cousins, and usually do best grown mounted or in baskets with very open medium as they come into maturity. So, be prepared to give this one extra love for the best results. Nonetheless, due to the demand for true miniature Cattleyas these will go fast! Limit one per customer!

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