Sergioara Hsinying Free Trick ‘Sunrise’ (3.5” pot young blooming size)

Sergioara Hsinying Free Trick ‘Sunrise’  (3.5” pot young blooming size)
Item# cc172

Product Description

NOTE: Newly repotted in fall of 2023. A new eye catching intergeneric cross! A Sergioara is a mix of Cattleya + Epidendrum + Guarianthe + Rhyncolaelia and in this case an amazing 29 different species are in the family tree. The result is a frequent blooming, cluster flowering plant that can bloom when small but will eventually reach about 12 inches in height, we suspect, with clusters of 7 to 9 intricately patterned flowers each a little over 2 inches across and carrying a light fragrance. We have had most of these bloom for the first time with 2 to 5 flowers on growths only a few inches tall, but know that each new growth will add a bit to the height and flower count until adult size is achieved. The plants will be inclined to produce multiple leads over time so that in the future they can bloom with several clusters at once. Our supply of this special orchid is quite limited and so we have to request one per customer please!

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