Brassocattleya Rustic Spots ‘H&R’ (2.5” pot near blooming size)

Brassocattleya Rustic Spots ‘H&R’ (2.5” pot near blooming size)
Item# cc165

Product Description

New! Here is a selected form of this cross between Bc.Richard Mueller and C. Landate originally introduced by H&R Nurseries in 2000. There was considerable variation among the seedlings out of that pairing and they chose this particularly full and spotty form to name after their business. We are excited to have nice healthy mericlones of this orchid to offer, just large enough to make their first flowers within the year. As plants mature, they stay compact at about 10 inches in height, and can bear up to five blooms on each new growth. They also branch freely so that more than one flower spike can be on the plant at the same time. The fragrant flowers open pale or reddish colored and mature to warm sunny yellow with a liberal peppering of spots. Like all hybrids that feature Brassavola nodosa in their family tree, this orchid appreciates good light and excellent drainage. As plants grow out of their current pots, we recommend using larger media and if you grow in a controlled environment or summer your plants outdoors in heat and humidity, then a basket is a great choice. Note: Do not immediately repot your plant upon receipt. Step up only once new growth is hanging over the edge of the pot and beginning to produce new roots. Don’t overpot or you will likely delay flowering of your plant as they will bloom best when their root system is somewhat cramped.

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