Guaritonia Why Not (Yellow 4n strain)

Guaritonia Why Not (Yellow 4n strain)
Item# cc153

Product Description

New! We are excited to be able to offer the rare yellow form of this classic, one of the best hybrids ever created from Broughtonia sanguinea. This batch is equally rare in that it was produced by self-pollinating a tetraploid version of the orchid. Tetraploids have double the usual number of chromosomes compared to the typcial forms, and tend to produce fuller flowers or heavier substance. Young plants will start out with a few flowers per spike, but they come on every new growth and plants begin to multi-lead and an early age. Once mature, the growths are between 6 and 8 inches tall, and each one carries a spike of a dozen or more bright golden yellow flowers. Often these spikes will grow and continue to produce more flowers from the tip or from side branches for months. By the time they are finished, the next spikes arenít far behind. We recommend this orchid for basket culture. If you use a pot, then make sure the mix is large and open so that plenty of air can get to the roots. Over time, this is sure to become one of your favorite orchids. Please note that these are still small plants at least a year from their first flowers, but the price is based on the rarity of this special orchid.

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