Procatavola Key Lime Stars (3.5 pot near blooming size)

Procatavola Key Lime Stars (3.5 pot near blooming size)
Item# cc150

Product Description

New! Procatavola Key Lime Stars is a great new hybrid, registered in 2019, that combines Brassavola nodosa with Cattleychea Lime Sherbet, which is Cattleya forbesii crossed with Prosthechea mariae. So everyone in the family tree is compact growing. Plants have short pseudobulbs topped by rather narrow leaves of heavy substance. We are now offering larger plants that we stepped up recently to 3.5" pots, with 2 or 3 leads and close to blooming size. The photo shows a plant about a year older than the batch we are selling with large flowers with starry segments the color of Key Lime Pie filling and a white trumpet like lip that can have a touch of green in the throat and sometimes a few pink or purple spots. These are seedlings so there will be slight variations from plant to plant. This orchid is an easy grower and free blooming that likes bright light and good drainage. After each thorough watering, the roots should be allowed to dry completely before watering again. It is well suited to basket culture. We believe this one will do well both under LED lights inside year round, or grown in a bright window in winter and summered outdoors.

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