Brassocattleya Morning Glory (re-make) (3.5" net pot seedling)

Brassocattleya Morning Glory (re-make) (3.5" net pot seedling)
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Product Description

The original Bc. Morning Glory (C. purpurata x B. nodosa) was introduced in 1958. The two forms shown above (‘H&R’ and ‘Remar’) have been mericloned and widely distributed. They have always been easy and rewarding orchids to grow and bloom, so we thought it would be fun to create a new generation from “scratch” and see what interesting variations might occur. We used a very good dark C. purpurata and a B. nodosa with excellent re-blooming habit, so some will bloom darker than the above examples. We expect plants that will bloom young, but mature to about 12 inches in height, with narrow upright growth and strong spikes of large flowers with light petals and showy trumpet lips with strong colors and patterns. Mature plants should easily bloom twice per year. These are seedlings in 3 inch net pots that are growing quickly and should be no more than one year from the first blooms.

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