Brassocattleya Morning Glory (re-make) (2.5" pot medium size plant)

Brassocattleya Morning Glory (re-make) (2.5" pot medium size plant)
Item# cc138

Product Description

The original Bc. Morning Glory (C. purpurata x B. nodosa) was introduced in 1958. The two forms shown above (‘H&R’ and ‘Remar’) have been mericloned and widely distributed. They have always been easy and rewarding orchids to grow and bloom, so new versions of this cross continue to be made. This version is a cross between Brassavola nodosa ‘Susan Fuchs,’ FCC/AOS and Cattleya purpurata variety schusteriana and could have larger flowers with more intense coloring in the lip than the examples we show. They are seedlings so there will be variations on color pattern from one plant to the next, but the general flower shape will be consisent with our example photos. Once blooming size, plants can flower more than once per year. The growth is narrowly upright with very tight spacing between so that the footprint of the plants is relatively small given the ultimate mature height of 12 to 14 inches. While first flowering will be limited to 2 or 3 blooms on a stem, five or six can be produced per spike once fully mature. These are quickly filling up 2.5” pots and will be ready for large pots soon. Most of 2 or 3 leads already. As they grow larger, use larger medium that provides perfect drainage, or shift the plant into a basket.

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