Cymbidium Cali Night ‘Black Shower’ (3.5” square pot)

Cymbidium Cali Night ‘Black Shower’   (3.5” square pot)
Item# ot079

Product Description

New! Warmth tolerant compact grower! This really cool cross was registered in the US in 2002, but this batch of mericlones of the ‘Black Shower’ form was imported from Japan and you will look hard to find it available from any other source. Several features make this arching to pendant flowering Cymbidium stand out. The flowers are unusually large for this type of breeding at about 2.5 inches in spread. The color is such a dark purple as to appear nearly black, save for a narrow white edge to the two petals and a white tip to the central column. The lip is velvety and even deeper in color, with the same narrow white edging. Each arching spike can carry up to 20 or more flowers, typically in spring, and an established plant can produce a number of spikes. One recently awarded example of this cross had 250 flowers on 11 inflorescences. One parent of Cym. Cali Night is Cym. devonianum which is a very compact species, while the other has a good dose of Cym. aloifolium which is known for its high heat tolerance, so this orchid will do well all over the country. These are in 3.5 inch pots, but growing quickly and should flower in about 2 years, possibly sooner with excellent care.

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