Cymbidium Morning Dew 'Mana' (4 inch pot blooming size)

Cymbidium Morning Dew 'Mana'  (4 inch pot blooming size)
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Cymbidium Morning Dew 'Mana'  (4 inch pot blooming size)
Very Limited – One per Customer This charming upright spiking Cymbidium is a near miniature, with grassy foliage about 12 inches tall emanating from small round pseudobulbs. The beautiful flowers, about 2.5” across, are a warm yellow base color, heavily overlaid in deep purple and carry a slight “minty” fragrance. It can flower at various times of the year and once a mature clump, can produce a number of bloom spikes at once. Genetically, it is more than 40% Cym. ensifolium and 25% Cym. canaliculatum which contribute excellent heat tolerance as well as the compact growth habit. Hybrid Cymbidiums like bright light and can tolerate some direct sun early or late, but will bloom and grow in generally bright, indirect light as well, and will flower under LED lights too. They have large root systems and appreciate deeper pots than most orchids and heavier fertilization. While in active growth, tall pots will an open mix can sit in a shallow amount of water to help meet their need for plenty of water at that time. Even in winter we recommend watering plants as soon as they are near dry. We only have a few of these left to sell, in 4” round pots ready for larger pots as new growth gets underday.

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