Gastrophaius Micro Burst ‘Wild Thing’ (5.5” pot near blooming size)

Gastrophaius Micro Burst ‘Wild Thing’ (5.5” pot near blooming size)
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Product Description

New! These have now been stepped up to larger pots and should be ready to spike on the next bloom cycle. When introduced in 2001, this hybrid was called Phaius Micro Burst, but the following year, the species native to Madagascar were separated into Gastrorchis, so this cross between Phaius tankervilleae and Gastrorchis pulchra was reclassified to its current name. Both of these species are terrestrial, which means this orchid grows more similar to a houseplant, in a deeper pot, with a richer media enhanced with compost. You can make your own custom mixture, or simply buy potting soil and add some friable compost or manure to enrich it. This is a moisture loving orchid that we grow sitting in shallow trays so that when we water them, some water remains in the tray to keep the plants moist at all times. If grown this way, in medium or dappled light, you can quickly grow Gps. Micro Burst into a showy specimen with many spikes at once. The flower size on fully mature plants is up to 4 inches cross, with warm pinkish brown segments and a yellow lip stained with purple. The reverse of the flower is stark white for an unusual contrast. These plants can get fairly large, with leaves 24 to 30 inches long and flower spikes up to three feet tall, which bloom successively over several months. They are very temperature tolerant, from chilly to hot, and can live outside in dappled shade in the frost free months, or stay inside year round in bright, filtered light. Put a saucer under the pot to collect water and keep the foliage looking good through flowering. As new growth develops after blooming, the older leaves will begin to show their age and can be trimmed accordingly for neatness.

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