Cymbidium Fire on the Mountain ‘Sunset’ (4” pot blooming size)

Cymbidium Fire on the Mountain ‘Sunset’  (4” pot blooming size)
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Cymbidium Fire on the Mountain ‘Sunset’  (4” pot blooming size)
New! Here is another absolutely beautiful, relatively compact, heat tolerant Cymbidium that can bloom in both winter and summer. It has the famous Cymbidium Golden Elf on both sides of its family tree, and an immediate parent is Cymbidium Valerie Absolonova, an introduction by Everglades Orchids in South Florida. Therefore, this beauty will grow and bloom in hot summer climates, but will also tolerate chilly nights in winter. The flower spikes will top out at about 30 inches from the base of the plant, or about 6 inches taller than the tips of the foliage, giving a beautiful presentation of the long lasting burnt orange flowers that have a vivid yellow and purple lip. This is a mild fragrance with hints of cucumber and mint, which is rare in Cymbidiums. We suggest growing this and other hybrid Cymbidiums in deeper, larger pots than typical orchids due to their terrestrial nature, and to amend the mix with compost and provide regular fertilizer. When actively growing plants like plenty of water and can sit in a saucer in which some water remains to make the task easier. Light levels should be bright, and plants can tolerate morning sun outside during the frost free months, or simply stay in a nice south or west facing window year round. Plants will also bloom under inexpensive LED shop lights. These are blooming size plants in 4" pots that should flower within the year. Note: the inset photo is a sister seedling called Cym. Fire on the Mountain 'Orange' - we sold out of that one, but the plant and flower habit are similar, only differing slightly in the shade of orange and in the pattern on the lip.

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