Cymbidium Street of Gold ‘Mana’ (4” pot blooming size)

Cymbidium Street of Gold ‘Mana’  (4” pot blooming size)
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Cymbidium Street of Gold ‘Mana’  (4” pot blooming size)
New! While the name may be a misleading in terms of color, it is a combination of the parents of this cross which are (Cym. Golden Elf x Cym. Street Hawk). The flowers are a warm, pale blush tone with deeper flushes and a strong purple lip. This is another great warmth tolerant hybrid that stays compact for a Cymbidium and can bloom more than once per year. The flower spikes are taller than the leaves so that they show themselves beautifully, with up to a dozen 3 inch, somewhat fragrant flowers per spike, and up to two spikes per new growth, so as plants develop into clumps they will put on a big show. This one seems to have no definite bloom season and can flower anytime of the year just as new growths harden off. Like most Cymbidiums, the blooms easily last two to three months. As per our standard advice when growing Cymbidiums, they like larger, deeper pots due to their terrestrial nature and large root systems. The mix should combine typical orchid bark with compost to create a more nutrient rich blend. Plants like water and can sit in a saucer or tray of water while actively growing. They can tolerate direct sun in the morning, or bright diffused light all day and will flower under LED lights as well. These are blooming size in 4” pots ready to be stepped up to a 6 inch pot when new growth.

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