Vandachostylis Lou Sneary x Vanda vietnamica (4" net basket near blooming size"

Vandachostylis Lou Sneary x Vanda vietnamica (4" net basket near blooming size"
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Product Description

New! This is a charming new compact, clump forming vandaceous hybrid that should provide multiple stems of fragrant flowers when mature, primarily in summer to fall. Both parents were known by different names before DNA testing was used to determine what genera fit best, so previously this cross would be called Neostylis Lou Sneary x Christensoniana vietnamica. Whatever you call it, this orchid produces small fans of neat foliage, which, as mentioned, grows at a moderate pace into a clump of fans, each of which can produce several spikes during the bloom season. The photo shows an example of one that has flowered for the first time, but each could vary slightly from light to deeper lilac shades with a mainly white lip with greenish touches. We have stepped this up into 4" plastic basket/pots with holes punched to accommodate a 3 wire hanger. We have found that this type of vandaceous orchid grows best in a basket like container, with a medium/coarse mix and plenty of aeration to the roots. Medium/bright light is fine, with a preference for brighter light in winter. Water very regularly in summer or hang outside in dappled light and water if it doesn't rain. Less watering is needed in winter and the media should dry in between during this period. When you see lots of new roots starting, water more frequently again, and feed regularly. Many people will find this yet to be named hybrid very appealing for its manageable size, delicate coloring and delightful fragrance.

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