Cattleya Roya Evelyn ‘MBF’ AM/AOS (4” clay pot blooming size division of awarded plant)

Cattleya Roya Evelyn ‘MBF’ AM/AOS  (4” clay pot blooming size division of awarded plant)
Item# mc081

Product Description

New! Only ONE left! Flowering size division of awarded plant. Last year we finally divided this very special orchid that received an Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society in September 2015 at the Alabama Orchid Show. It is a true miniature, and a primary hybrid between Cattleya sincorana and C. brevipendunculata both of which are small growing species with showy flowers from the interior of Brazil. This plant has thrived for us for the past 20 years, growing in clay pellets in a clay pot, with bright light and regular watering with quick drying in between. We divided it once before about a decade ago. It flowers mainly in September when there can be many at once, but occasional flowers are produced in spring as well. The bright, glowing crimson blooms are three inches across and appear huge on the small succulent plant. They emerge from developing new growths without a bloom sheath, so it is important to keep water out of them while forming to avoid bud loss. The maximum temperature range in our growing area is from a low of 50F in winter to about 95F on the hottest days of summer. It can probably tolerate a few degrees lower and higher for short periods. If you are looking for something unique and special, you will not find this one elsewhere. We have just a few of these good-sized established plants with several leads growing in clay pellets in 4” clay orchid pots and probably won’t divide our mother plant again for another decade. A truly striking miniature, but not the best choice for a novice grower. Limit one per customer!

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