Encyclia parviflora x Enanthleya Highland Canary (3.5 pot seedling)

Encyclia parviflora x Enanthleya Highland Canary (3.5 pot seedling)
Item# ep049

Product Description

New Hybrid Photo shows both parents. This is an interesting cross done by our friend Roy Harrow of the Atlanta Orchid Society, who sent the pod to us to sow. It mixes two different Encyclia species with Ctt. Trick or Treat the perfect combination for masses of long lasting flowers from spring into summer on fairly compact plants. They will resemble straight Encyclia in growth, but have branched inflorescences of brighter flowers that could be fragrant as well. We think they will start to bloom when fairly young, but should mature to produce 25 to 35 flowers up to two inches across on each spike. These plants were newly potted up in June, 2017 and are producing new growths that should increase their size quickly, a few may flower in spring of 2018, though another year is likely needed for most. Give them good bright light and excellent drainage, typical conditions for Encyclia or Cattleya and they should be easy growers and reliable bloomers in the future.

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