Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum (4” basket blooming size)

Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum (4” basket blooming size)
Item# den060

Product Description

New! We are excited to offer this species from New Guinea for the first time! The plant produces numerous leafy canes with longitudinal ridges that are semi-erect. They can top out at more than 24 inches in height and are eventually deciduous. The bloom season is generally spring, but flowering can occur at other times as well. Our photo of a first blooming plant was taken in July. That spike was on a mature seedling size cane, but those produced from the fully mature canes can have 25 or more per cluster. Each bloom cycle, the spikes will come from the upper portions of both leafy mature canes and leafless older canes, so never trim off a cane unless it is obviously dead. Typically the blooms are a glistening “candy pink” that is deeper towards the center and paler near the tips. The lip is bright orange for contrast. We recommend this orchid for more experienced growers who have some environmental controls in place in their growing area. Den. pseudoglomeratum prefers bright, but diffused light and would do well under LED lighting. It needs regular, year round watering with minimal drying in between, so while we have these plants in baskets, you may need to slip the basket into an empty plastic pot if it dries too quickly for you. Remember that the more thoroughly the media is soaked, the longer it will take to dry out. If you like to water, you can add a hanger to the basket and allow the plant to sprawl in all directions. Don’t be quick to repot, as like most Dendrobium, this orchid will bloom better if rootbound.

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