Dendrobium linawianum (3.5” pot near blooming size)

Dendrobium linawianum (3.5” pot near blooming size)
Item# den058

Product Description

New! This very charming species from Taiwan has been rarely seen in cultivation in this country, but definitely merits growing. It has unusual flattened stems that are deciduous as they age, growing to 12 to 16 inches in height when mature, and producing beautiful clusters of flowers about 2.5 inches across, sometimes larger, from their upper portions in spring. They are white with lavender shading towards the tips of the segments, the coverage of which will very somewhat from plant to plant. Two deeper purple “eye spots” ae just inside the throat. We have not flowered this one yet ourselves as this is the first batch we have ever found available. Based on Baker’s cultivation information, this one grows with less bright light than typical Nobile types, and coming from Taiwan does not have as a distinct rest period in winter. While watering should be reduced in winter, it should not dry out completely. And while tolerant of cold temperatures, nights in the 50’s in winter should be sufficient to induce flowering. If you love species and are looking for something new, this is a good choice. Our plants have multiple stems and may be capable of their first flowers next year, but will definitely be blooming size after then.

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