Dendrobium Hsinying Glomo (mohlianum x glomeratum) (3” pot seedling)

Dendrobium Hsinying Glomo (mohlianum x glomeratum) (3” pot seedling)
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Dendrobium Hsinying Glomo (mohlianum x glomeratum) (3” pot seedling)
New – Photo shows previous results from this hybrid. This is a great cross between two species of the section Calyptrochilus in the genus Dendrobium, both of which inhabit wet forests on islands of the western and southern Pacific. Den. glomeratum comes from New Guinea and Sulawesi, and grows shady and warm, while Den. mohlianum comes from Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu and grows a bit brighter and more intermediate, so the hybrid will do well in medium to bright light and temperatures from the 50’s to 90’s Fahrenheit. Members of this group of Dendrobium do not have a distinct rest period since they come from climates near the Equator with rather consistent rainfall and even temperature year round. Each growth on a mature plant make take more than one year to mature, and grow as long as 20 inches on older plants. Only once the growths mature and begin to defoliate are they ready to being flowering, producing clusters of long lasting flowers in random places along the canes for years.

The canes are naturally pendant, but can be staked upright if you don’t have room for hanging plants and still flower just fine. Plants always have some mature bare canes and others at various stages of development, so there are always leaves on the plant, but obviously patience is required before you have a plant that is profuse in its flowering. The wait is worth it, and the fairly large sparkling pink flowers with an undertone of orange to truly breathtaking on such slender stems. There is no distinct boom season and clusters can appear in flushes at any time of the year. You should water this plant regularly year round with only minimal drying in between for best growth and flowering. In damp and cool weather you can wait a bit longer, just don’t let them be bone dry for days. These are nice seedlings and they may vary slightly from the photos, with some showing perhaps a bit more orange, but all will be nice plants to treasure in the future. Expect the first blooms in about two more seasons.

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