Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga (sibling cross) (3.5” pot blooming size)

Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga (sibling cross) (3.5” pot blooming size)
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Selected Parents – Photo shows range of possibilities. This hybrid between two Latouria types, Den. atroviolaceum and Den. johnsoniae, was originally registered two decades ago. Since then successive generations have taken the best results and recombined them for improved spiking habits and flowers form and color. This particular batch is between parents very similar to those illustrated in the side by side photo. We will post photos of actual flowerings from this batch as they become available. The Latouria section, sometimes known as “New Guinea” types because that is where most species are concentrated, are considered some of the easiest Dendrobium to grow well, doing beautifully under a range of temperature and light conditions and very well suited for “windowsill” culture. They are evergreen plants that don’t have a rest period and are perfectly happy with the same basic treatment year round. They produce upright, fairly narrow canes about 12 inches tall topped by two or three leaves. Between and under each leaf are four to size bloom nodes so that fully mature growths will flower repeatedly for several years. The more growth that accumulates over time, the greater the number of long lasting blooms that can be produced. There are at least two dozen awards given for plants that had from 100 to 1,000 blooms open at the same time! The peak bloom season is January to March with flowers lasting for up to three months, and older plants will sometimes produce flowers at other times as well.

While the sweet spot for temperature for Den. Roy Tokunaga is 65 to 85 degrees, they will also do well with nights in the 50’s in winter and 90’s (with air movement) in summer. Medium to bright filtered light will produce the most blooms, but intense sunshine should be avoided. As these plants are typically growing year round, they like plentiful water and we recommend twice weekly except in very damp and humid weather. The pot should never dry out fully for more than a day in any event, and should be kept small for the plant size to encourage the best blooming. These are beautifully grown, multi cane plants filling 3.5” square pots and ready to flower in the coming season.

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