Dendroibum Hiroshi Tokunaga (3.5 pot blooming size)

Dendroibum Hiroshi Tokunaga (3.5 pot blooming size)
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Dendroibum Hiroshi Tokunaga (3.5 pot blooming size)
This is one of the most easily grown and freest flowering of any of the Nigrohirsute type Dendrobiums we have grown. Mature plants can be in bloom for many months of the year and we have a number of customers who have come up to our sales tables at shows to let us know how well their Den. Hiroshi Tokunaga is doing and how long it has been in bloom! It seems to have just the right mix of warm, intermediate and cool growing species in it to do well in a wide range of conditions.

The plants produced closely spaced very upright growths with dark green leaves even in the brightest of light. The undersides of the leaves, stems, and even the developing bloom spikes are covered in short dark fuzz adding to the attraction. They can bloom even on growths only about 6 inches tall, but will gradually gain height so that some growths may top out as high as 18 inches. There are almost always some growths in progress at any given moment so this is a Dendrobium that you provide the same care to year round, with no rest period. Plants are evergreen, with leaves lasting several years, though even older bare growths can still produce more flowers. Once growths reach their terminus they are capable of flowering, which will often occur first near the tip of that growth, but continue for several years at random locations on the top two thirds of the cane, often with several clusters of 2 to 4 good sized flowers at once. Each long lasting bloom is between three and four inches across and is pristine white with a yellow throat that can deepen towards orange on some plants. The flowers easily last two months, sometimes three, in perfection and plants flush in spring and fall, with scattered blooms in between. Our photos were taken in August and we see at least some flowers on our plants every month of the year.

The most essential requirements for spectacular plants are regular water and bright light. We usually water twice per week, but always allowing the roots to dry in between, so your conditions will dictate whether to apply more or less frequently. Plants should not remain dry for more than a couple days. Temperatures anywhere between 45 and 95F are tolerated as long as it usually swings 15 or more degrees from night to day. These are nice multi cane plants filling 3.5 square pots that are blooming size. You can repot anytime new roots are forming, but use a coarse media and a pot with lots of drainage, keeping the pot size small in comparison to the plant for best results.

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