Dendrobium jenkinsii (2" pot near blooming size)

Dendrobium jenkinsii (2" pot near blooming size)
Item# den049

Product Description

We are thrilled to have this wonderful miniature species available to offer once again! It looks like a very miniature version of Den. lindleyi (syn. aggregatum) with full size flowers, but only one to three to the spike. The creeping plants will quickly form a specimen and all the older parts of the plant will flower each year for several years, so as they add new growth, the show increases. The photo was taken two years ago of our exhibition plant which we grew from a two inch pot seedling. Last year, it had twice as many flowers and received the trophy for best miniature species at the Western NC Orchid Show. Sources say that this species will flower even if not subjected to a cool dry rest like the larger Den. lindleyi, but we have not been able to test this out since our growing area regularly falls into the 50ís at night in winter. We do continue to water our plant, but somewhat less than in summer when a mounted specimen like ours will need daily watering. The plants we are selling now are in a tiny basket set inside a 2" plastic pot - they are one to two years from first flowers. If you like mounted orchids, this one does beautifully as long as it gets near daily watering when growing. Otherwise, the current pot can be set into a small basket and the plant allowed to creep out. You can add some chunks of coarse media for the roots to cling to as the plant grows. Give this plant bright light, but introduce it gradually to any direct sunlight and avoid midday direct sun without some level of diffusion. Water frequently in summer and somewhat less in winter, always allowing the pot to dry in between. Do not fertilize heavily in winter. Like its larger cousin, the flowers are somewhat ephemeral, lasting only a week or two, but once a bit older, these plants will cover themselves at each flowering and take up little space when not in flower. One per customer please!

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