Dendrobium Usitae ‘Red Coral,’ SM/TOGA x self (3.5 inch large blooming size)

Dendrobium Usitae ‘Red Coral,’ SM/TOGA  x self (3.5 inch large blooming size)
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Dendrobium Usitae ‘Red Coral,’ SM/TOGA  x self (3.5 inch large blooming size)
We were surprised and delighted to discover that one of our suppliers had been holding back a batch of these seedlings until they reach substantial size, so we are pleased to offer near flowering size plants at this time. This is an exciting and unusual Dendrobiums, one that does not need high light, a chill or a dry rest in order to flower well, and when mature, will burst out with clusters of bright and unusual flowers several times per year. This is a very special selection of a plant that is sometimes found in the wild in the Philippines as a natural hybrid between the purple Den. goldschmidtianum and the yellow Den. bullenianum. These plants are from a self pollination of an outstanding form appropriately named ‘Red Coral,’ which displays the best of both parents in clusters of flowers that possess an inner glow. While difficult to describe, this effect is accurately portrayed in the close up photo. The plant received a Silver Medal from the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, which is a high honor from a group that definitely knows orchids well! However, as seedlings rather than clones, each one will vary slightly from the original, possibly leaning more toward one parent or the other. The leafy canes grow fairly tall when mature, up to about 18-24 inches, but even shorter growths only a few inches tall will flower once mature and leafless. Typically, each growth takes a couple of years to develop, and then begins to defoliate gradually, at which time it is capable of flowering for years to come. The plants are continually producing new growths from the base, so it does take time and a bit of patience to see the full effect this orchid is capable of. The canes may be staked upright or allowed to arch outward naturally. These fantastic plants consist of two or three growths that are already bare, several mature size leafy canes and additional new growth. Grow in medium light, warm to intermediate temperatures, and with regular watering and good drainage year round.

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