Rhyncolaeliocattleya Naomi’s Delight ‘#78’ (3.5” pot near blooming size)

Rhyncolaeliocattleya Naomi’s Delight ‘#78’ (3.5” pot near blooming size)
Item# cc178

Product Description

This stunning and fragrant spotted wonder has begun flowering for us on plants only 6 inches tall but will eventually produce several flowers to each spike on mostly bifoliate growths up to 12 inches tall. While there are 18 different species in its family tree, the most influential one is C. aclandiae making up about one third of the genetic mix. The three-to-four-inch flowers have heavy substance, and the yellow petals and sepals are randomly spotted in dark purple. The lip is rich, velvety purple offset by stark white side lobes making for an unusual by very pleasing contrast. Note that these plants were repotted into large no. 5 Kiwi Bark in June of 2023 just as new roots were set to emerge from the newest growth. As they grow larger you should continue to use a large media and if your growing conditions allow a basket will make it easier to make sure the large, thick roots receive maximum aeration and drying between watering.

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