Rhyncattleanthe Paradise Beauty ‘Golden Angel’ (3.5” pot blooming size)

Rhyncattleanthe Paradise Beauty ‘Golden Angel’ (3.5” pot blooming size)
Item# cc170

Product Description

New! This appropriately named little beauty has an amazing 30 different species in its family tree. That might be close to the record number for any registered cattleya hybrid. What it means for you is that it should adapt to a variety of conditions, though does best for us in the largest media that brings some air to its large roots. The thick leaved, closely spaced growths produce one to three bright golden yellow flowers when young, but may have as many as six on a single spike when fully mature, while at the same time staying nicely compact in plant size. Each flower is accented by pure white side lobes and a deep burgundy patch at the end of the lip. We repotted these in summer of 2022 into premium Kiwi bark and they should be good for a couple of years. Wait until new growth I hanging over the edge of the pot and beginning to form roots before stepping this orchid up.

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