Rhyncattleanthe My Orange ‘NN#2’ (4” pot blooming size)

Rhyncattleanthe My Orange ‘NN#2’ (4” pot blooming size)
Item# cc154

Product Description

New! If you are looking for some sunshine to cheer you up, then this compact, cluster flowered cattleya may be just the thing. There are a remarkable 24 different species represented on its family tree, which provides it with an extra dose of toughness and adaptability. The three inch flowers are borne in clusters of up to 5, in spring and again in late summer or fall on fully mature plants, and are yellow overlaid with orange shadings and a brighter yellow lip. They are so bright we had to tone down our photo just a tad to make them easier to see. Note that these were just stepped up to four inch square pots in April, 2020, using premium Orchiata bark so you won’t have to think about repotting for 18 months to 2 years. They are nice blooming size plants with two or more leads.

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