Rhyncattleanthe Triple Love ‘NN’ (3.5” pot large blooming size)

Rhyncattleanthe Triple Love ‘NN’  (3.5” pot large blooming size)
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Product Description

Rhyncattleanthe Triple Love ‘NN’  (3.5” pot large blooming size)
New! Rth. Triple Love ‘NN’ is a great compact grower that easily blooms twice per year and has an amazing 27 different species in its family tree! This means it is adaptable to a wider range of conditions than most cattleya types. The four species that make up the largest portion of the its ancestry are all compact to miniature growing, so plants top out generally under 10 inches in height. The 2.5” flowers come in clusters that become larger as plants become older. They open white with a yellow throat and then develop a sparkling lilac wash over the sepal and petals, and at certain times are sweetly fragrant. These plants are absolutely overflowing their 3.5” square pots with two or more leads and are in need of repotting as soon as new root growth starts. We plan to move them into 5.5” pots when the timing is right, so get one now before we do and the price goes up. This is a dependable and charming orchid. Whenever we have some in flower for an event or speaking engagement, they are snatched up while we are still trying to unpack!

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