Rhyncattleanthe Elaine Taylor ‘Krull-Smith’ FCC/AOS (3.5” pot blooming size mericlone)

Rhyncattleanthe Elaine Taylor ‘Krull-Smith’ FCC/AOS (3.5” pot blooming size mericlone)
Item# cc145

Product Description

Our photograph illustrates quite well why this orchid received a First Class Certificate, the highest flower quality award of the American Orchid Society, when it was first introduced in 1994. The compact plants produce almost perfectly formed 3.5” flowers that are rich ruby red with a deeper red lip and a contrasting white column in the center. At the right time of day, they produce a fragrance similar to roses. There is no set blooms season for this orchid as flowers come on developing new growths at almost any time of the year. This very lovely orchid does require some attention to do well. The flower buds often come without a bloom sheath to protect them, so you should not allow water to collect inside developing growths. Bright light, perfect drainage with year round watering, but always allowing the pot to dry before watering again, are what this very special beauty likes. Foliage is slightly twisty, at trait inherited from its famous grandparent, Ctt. Hazel Boyd.

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