(Rlc. Chunyeah x Love Call) x (Rth. Love Sound x C. Jeweler’s Art) (3.5” pot seedling)

(Rlc. Chunyeah x Love Call) x (Rth. Love Sound x C. Jeweler’s Art) (3.5” pot seedling)
Item# cc139

Product Description

New Hybrid – Photo shows all the parents involved. Our photo requires a bit of explanation on this offering. We did not make this cross ourselves between two unregistered hybrids, but jumped at the chance to purchase a crop of them due to the “superstar” nature of all four grandparents, which are what we have pictured above, in the order they appear in the name of the cross. With such famous and outstanding orchids in the family tree, we are certain this one will get its own name in the not too distant future. We bought these as plugs last year and they have already grown vigorously, giving us hope that the first to bloom will do so in the next year or so. The family tree of each of the grandparents listed reads like a “Who’s Who” of the very best in cattleya breeding in the last five decades, including C. Horace, Rlc. Fortune, Rlc. Toshie Aoki, Rth. Bouton D’Or and C. Beaufort. That should lead to many high quality flowers and possible future award winners out of this batch of seedlings. We expect plants to be compact to near compact, with fairly tidy growth habits and good sized colorful flowers on strong stems. They should be capable of blooming twice per year once mature. Most will have a yellow base color overlaid with other shades to beautiful effect, with a more strongly colored lip capable of dramatic patterns as seen in some of the ancestors. We actually hope we don’t sell too many of these before we get to see some flowers, but we are putting some out there so others have a chance to enjoy the anticipation as well

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