Cattleya Jalapa x Landate ‘Janice’ (3.5” net pot seedling)

Cattleya Jalapa x Landate ‘Janice’ (3.5” net pot seedling)
Item# 2234

Product Description

New! What we are looking for in this cross is a nice compact (approx. 12 in.), cluster flowering, fragrant orchid with spots over a reddish or bronze background, accented with a brighter lip. Three of the four species involved are spotted and fragrant (C. aclandiae, C. tigrina and C. guttata) while the fourth is bright Red (C. milleri). Plants should be mostly bi-foliate and bloom twice per year. These are seedlings in 3.5” net pots, likely a couple years from their first blooming, but our supply is very limited so one per customer please!

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