C. Richard Kosel x Rlc. Newberry Sweetheart ‘MBF’ (2.5” pot seedlings)

C. Richard Kosel x Rlc. Newberry Sweetheart ‘MBF’ (2.5” pot seedlings)
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Product Description

New Hybrid – Photo shows both parents. This Marble Branch Farms cross combines a true free flowering mini-catt with a spectacular compact grower with huge flat flowers for the plant size. Both parents have proven to be good growers in our hot and humid climate in the Southeast USA and represent some of the best results of Rolf Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids in Charlotte, NC and Gene Crocker of Carter & Holmes Orchids in Newberry, SC. This should be a winner combination for sure. If we are counting right, there are 21 different species in the family tree of this cross, which will result in plants that grow well in a range of conditions. C. Richard Kosel stays under 5 inches in height and flowers on every new growth throughout the year with cute bright magenta purple blooms. Rlc. Newberry Sweetheart flowers twice per year and carries flowers nearly 5 inches across on a plant less than 10 inches tall. When is first flowered we sent a photo to Gene Crocker, who made the cross, and he was impressed. But a couple years later when he saw the plant in flower in person at the South Carolina Orchid Show, he literally fell to his knees and stared in awe! The gorgeous flowers blend yellow, coral, pink and red in a luminous combination that no photo can fully capture. We expect these plants to stay very compact and to flower at least twice per year when mature with flat blooms or rounded profile. Having worked with both parents in other crosses we expect a range of colors and each will be a unique surprise. The background could be pink, cream or yellow, over which will be layers of purple pigment creating glowing effects, many with deeper veining or gradations of color that deepen at the tips of the petals. The will be large for the size of the plant. Bright light and good drainage will produce the best results, though plants should flower under LED grow lights with ease. Plants should easily tolerate 45 to 95F and should be allowed to dry slightly between each watering. These were newly potted up in June, 2017 from cell trays into 3 inch pots. Limit one per customer.

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