Cattlianthe Trick or Treat x Laelia gloriosa (3.5” pot seedling)

Cattlianthe Trick or Treat x Laelia gloriosa (3.5” pot seedling)
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Product Description

New Hybrid – Photo shows both parents. Laelia gloriosa is the new name for Schomburgkia fimbriata adopted when the latter genus was dissolved and its members split into Myrmecophila and Laelia. While there were sound genetic reasons for doing so, we still refer to crosses made with any of these uniquely “curly” species as “Schombo Hybrids.” These results are equally unique and immediately recognizable to anyone who has grown orchids for a long time. In this pairing, we combined Laelia gloriosa with our awarded specimen of Cattlianthe Trick or Treat. These will be robust growers up to 24 inches tall when mature, so not plants for restricted growing areas. The will produce spectacular “fireworks” displays of long lasting flowers on strong spikes held well above the foliage, most likely in late winter to early spring, but possibly at other times as well. A little patience will be required to achieve specimen status, but once that result happens, these will be future show stoppers. Anyone who has ever grown Ctt. Trick or Treat hybrids knows that as a parent, it imparts “tough as nails” growth habits to its offspring, so these should flower under a variety of conditions, preferring bright light, cool to hot temperatures and excellent drainage. These were newly potted up in June, 2017 and are still in short supply, so limit one per customer at this time.

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